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The following computers were received from customers who upgraded to newer computers and didn't want them anymore.  I have done the following to prepare them for a new owner.

Erased the hard drives with a government grade data erasing tool to ensure that none of the previous owners data exists.
Reformatted the hard drive and re-installed the operating system, Microsoft service packs, and security patches.
Installed motherboard specific drivers, Real Player, Flash player, Shockwave player, Adobe Reader X, Quicktime, and iTunes to ensure the new user to be up and running as quick as possible.
Installed the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome internet browsers.
Installed the free office suite OpenOffice to provide a basic level of productivity software.

These computers would serve as a good starter computer or as a secondary computer dedicated solely for doing online financial transactions.  This way you can keep your main computer that you do email, download music/videos, etc isolated from this computer and lessen the chance that your online financial transactions could become compromised

Since these computers were given to me without any supporting software (Operating system, or driver disks), I don't have any to pass onto the new buyer so the computers will come as listed below:  I will give them an original hard disk based recovery image if anything does happen and the operating system needs to be reloaded.  The computers come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty against defect.  They have been tested and are in good working order.

We currently have no refurbished computers in stock.
Please check back for updated inventory as it becomes available.



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