JMG Computers Services- Data Cleansing, Transfer, Backup, Recovery, Rescue, and Migration
We at JMG Computers will come to your location and provide the following services:
Data Cleansing-  This is if you are getting rid of your old computer and want to erase all existence of your data and programs.  We will wipe your hard drive clean so that none of that information falls into the hands of its next user.
Data Transfer-  We will transfer your data from your existing computer to a new computer
Data Backup- We will backup the information of your choosing to another location (on your computer, at your physical location, or offsite storage)
Data Recovery- We will recover your lost data from a backup copy 
Data Rescue- Do you have a computer or hard drive that won't boot up at all?  Let me get your data back.
Data Migration- We will move all of your data, preferences, and programs from your old computer to your new one.

Service provided onsite

Pricing:   Data Cleansing $125      
  Data Transfer $185      
  Data Backup $  30      

Service provided at JMG Computers

Data Cleansing $  35   Data Recovery $  50
  Data Transfer $  55   Data Rescue $215
  Data Backup $  15   Data Migration $215

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