JMG Computers Services- Custom built computers / network
You might ask, "Why should I get a custom built computer from JMG Computers"?  The answer is that a custom built computer will allow you to squeeze more performance out of your computer.  A name brand computer is limited to certain performance specs in order to produce a lower priced computer.  However, a custom built computer allows you to expand the hard drive storage capacity as well as your overall system performance.  At JMG Computers, we feel that it is always better to have a computer or network that can last for years to come instead of having to constantly upgrade it.  Doing more frequent upgrades for our customers would mean more profits for us, but we would rather have our customers be happy with less frequent and less costly upgrades.
      Custom built computer Labor is 20% of the total cost of the parts
      Set up network (Wired / Wireless) $100
      Add a computer, storage device, or printer to an
    existing network
$  50



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